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So assuming one can overlook the off-centeredness and bizarre depth of field happening, I’d like to know why it is one would bother going through the eyebleed inducing HDR process for a matte sheet metal looking sky behind the building aura.
This friend, is intervention time.  Save yourself the embarrassment of further badly overprocessed photos making their way into your portfolio and make this your last HDR.  One day you’ll thank me.


One response to ““MY FIRST HDR…… LOVING IT”

  1. I can still handle looking a these, but I’ve weened myself off it. I finally realized that when you bring “HDR” too far it makes it actually kind of low res. I think there should be a different name for this kind of HDR that falls into the surreal – less photographic, realm. As they’re more graphically edited than true representations of the scene.

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