I learned another trick

HDR OOB - Fontana Cavallina - Italia

One of my biggest beefs with poorly rendered HDR is how completely flat it looks. I’ve seen some VERY well done HDR… but this isn’t one of them. SO let’s crop out some horrendous background (thank you for that) and make it all 3d with some carefully placed shadows. Still out of focus, still overprocessed… but hey – he did some photoshop tricks! It just begs the question… why?


I just came from the coal mine

Because dirty looking arms are soooooooooo flattering.  So is a pose that looks like she is pooping in public.  All this awesomeness from a page called… get ready… Professional Photography 101.

You’re welcome.


Unecessary HDR

This probably would’ve been a cool image if it weren’t for the unnecessary ridiculous post-processing shenanigans.


What real photographers have to say about HDR


Personally, I believe the HDR hole should fall BELOW the 0% line.


Highway to eyebleed

Out of focus, no real subject or idea… but HDR the SHIT out of and it RAWWWWKS!  \m/(-.-)\m/


Toxic Tree

Latest pic from the Mars Rover, perhaps?


Rust is the least of this car’s problems




So assuming one can overlook the off-centeredness and bizarre depth of field happening, I’d like to know why it is one would bother going through the eyebleed inducing HDR process for a matte sheet metal looking sky behind the building aura.
This friend, is intervention time.  Save yourself the embarrassment of further badly overprocessed photos making their way into your portfolio and make this your last HDR.  One day you’ll thank me.


Save the children

We should have laws protecting children from HDR. Why anyone would want to turn this cute little girl into one who looks like she rolled in mud, with a mustache and some strange halo is beyond me.


Who needs Blu-Ray? Bruce Willis LIVES in HDR

For 15 million you’d better use THREE photos to make one.

And not to worry, there’s more.

A realtor that tried to pull this on me would gt fired on the spot after I’d break his tripod.